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Sizzling SkilletWe just finished a day full of shopping and running errands giving us two cranky children and four empty bellies.

Our choices for dinner were between a South Asian restaurant or Sizzling Skillet which features a continental menu. Since the kids were a bit fussy, offering some comfort food like pizza or pasta seemed like a good idea so we headed off to Sizzling Skillet at Markham Rd and Finch Ave in Scarborough.

Pulling up to the facade I like the fact that it was a stand alone restaurant with ample parking and a nice entry way with a patio space for summer.

We walked in and weren’t quite sure what to do. There was no ‘wait here to be seated’ sign (or maybe we missed it) so we walked to the front cash to look at the menu. The owner who was at the front immediately asked our soon to be waitress Sarah to seat us and take our order.

Sarah was great; friendly, professional and quick! She gave us her recommendations and we ordered. We selected the steak and their recommended jalapeño burger.

While we waited for our food we got a chance to take in the ambiance. There were familiar faces all around which was nice. The dining area was large and there was ample seating. As time passed we noticed the tables were filling quickly and even a small line had started.

Our food promptly arrived – steak on a sizzling skillet and each side on a separate dish. The burger came out on a plate with all toppings arranged on the side so you could build it the way you wanted.

Sizzling Skillet

Overall our food was fair. I enjoyed the citrus undertone of my steak and the burger toppings, including the bun, were all fresh and generously sized. Other than that we were looking for that signature taste that could only be found at Sizzling Skillet, but unfortunately, we didn’t experience that with the dishes we chose. Friends have recommended the nachos and panera bread, but we didn’t want to order appetizers.

One huge bonus (that I still need to verify) is that their meat is HMA certified. That alone gives them two thumbs up from me! (*UPDATE* It was confirmed with the owner that they purchase their meat from an HMA certified supplier, the restaurant itself IS NOT HMA certified. The owner can verify upon request.)

Aside from their ambiance and food; their service is noteworthy — completely genuine and warm. Everyone down to the person pouring our water and clearing our plates was very courteous. Which is huge because it’s one of the main things lacking from most halal restaurants in my opinion.

Sizzling Skillet has a good foundation for what could be a hit, but only with some serious culinary tweaking. Since Sizzling Skillet is the only halal restaurant in the area with this type of food, they don’t have to worry too much — people will come because it’s an under served market in a densely populated area. In fact there is no other restaurant that’s exclusively halal with this type of food for several kilometres.

Recommendations: pare down the menu; find your signature dishes, your niche, and add slight variation but then really develop the taste to give more depth of flavour for all main dishes and sides. Add some warmth by new paint, wall art and lighting. Add some structures like tall plants, etc. to absorb and break up sound. And of course a wait to be seated sign in the entrance if you do not wish your customers to find their own seat… 🙂

Sizzling Skillet
2290 Markham Road, Toronto, ON M1B 2W4
(416) 321-9991
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By: December 31, 2011


  • halal foodie on January 5, 2012

    Just want to add that the best time to go is before 7pm on a weekend as this place gets packed!

  • Went here last night after reading this review only to find out it’s NOT hma certified!

    • halal foodie on February 27, 2012

      I’m sorry if you misunderstood what I wrote – I stated their meat is HMA certified (which it is!) – not the restaurant itself. The owner is more than happy to show you his meat source information/certificates.

  • Halal Always on October 7, 2012

    Service???As per the first review. We disagree fully, this restaurant is definitely not service oriented.Completely lacking all aspects of running a restaurant. Diners waiting over an hour for their orders, if and when it is taken.One server only in a packed restaurant.Sure “Halal” is a bonus, at what price???.You have to wait before the server comes to your table and does not even offer any drinks to start.Food is okay, frozen pizzas.Scrap the pizzas, if it is not going to be made on the premises.
    The menu has appetizing and interesting items, unfortunately that was not delivered.

  • I have been to this restaurant a few times and I will definitely continue too. I do admit they are lacking a few servers/waiters but other than that the food is taste fresh, homemade and delicious. Menu items that are different and appealing. Halal is a good bonus for Muslims but even Non-Muslim customers tend to enjoy the food that Sizzling Skillet has to offer. The prices are right and the food is amazing, I recommend it to any one looking for a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal at a restaurant any day of the week.

  • Shayan Jaffery on February 28, 2013

    When you go to a restaurant you expect it will have its own food not frozen burgers that you can buy from anywhere from a grocery store and eat at home.
    Did not like the food and service is crap.

  • Shayan Jaffery on February 28, 2013

    Forgot to mentioned one most important thing none in the kitchen covers their head. The cook (he could be the owner) cooking stuff without covering his long hair

    • He does cover his hair now. We were there about 2 months ago and they had started wearing hair coverings.

  • This is my favorite article.

  • We have mixed reviews. We love the burgers but the entrees were lacking in flavour and quantity. We were still hungry after finishing the entrees. The owner/cook needs to cover his hair or at the very least tie it in a braid…..It makes me queasy seeing him cook which that hair flying all over. Children’s menu was a HUGE disappointment. Seemed like frozen chicken fingers, pasta sauce from a jar, pizza was also horrible..if I go to a restaurant I expect freshly made food…nothing from a jar that I can do at home myself. I will go back for the burgers only.

  • Great ambiance and food. The Chef (owner) was extremely hospitable to us and we really had a good time. Hope iA they stick around, we need more professional halal places as such

  • We had a mix experience. My kids burger was good but my steak was dry and lacking flavours. Customer service was ok, nothing great. Wont go again.

  • Will definitely go again. Went to breakfast n we thoroughly enjoyed our omelettes, the Macon, sausages n pancakes. Looking forward to trying other menu items. It’s nice to Finally have a halal grill n breakfast place. Muslims should really support them, especially since we always complain there isn’t enough halal western food.

  • It’s very easy to quickly point out what’s wrong with a “halal” restaurant, but I can say from last year to current, there have been a lot of improvements in this restaurant and we like it quite a bit! Their food quality has consistently been well and they have made improvements with the cleanliness, to include wearing hair nets. Where can we go to find halal steak and meat???? Most fine restaurants I visit are not halal and all I can have is fish/seafood! In terms of the “signature dish” as the author of this article said he/she did not find, I believe it would be the peri peri sauce, a quite spicy sauce that you can have on the shrimp, or meat! Try it next time! 🙂 I can tell you that most Indian/Pakistani restaurants I go to give me a stomach ache as the food is too greasy or spicy, and if that’s not your thing, this restaurant offers a wonderful alternative where food that sits well in the tummy. Children can enjoy “non-spicy” food while adults can enjoy something to suit their palette!

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