Special Ramadan Combo at Naan & Kabob

Special Ramadan Combo at Naan & Kebab
We were invited to preview a special Ramadan combo at Naan & Kabob this past week. This special iftar package combines the best items from their menu. There’s nothing more satisfying than a delicious meal shared with family and friends.
The traditional Afghani combo includes lentil soup and the savoury steamed Mantu (beef dumpling). The combo is followed by a variety of juicy and succulent meat dishes such as Shish Kabobs, boneless Chicken Tikka and Chapli Kabob, all served with Kabli and plain rice, plus a choice of salad and fresh naan to complete the experience!
This special Ramadan combo at Naan & Kabob serves 5-6 people and is reasonably priced at around $58.
Their regular menu is also available during Ramadan featuring a variety of traditional afghani dishes. Don’t forget their special tea — ask them about it! With fresh great food, efficient and friendly customer service, Naan & Kabob is the whole package for a satisfying dining experience during Ramadan and throughout the entire year!
Naan & Kabob Scarborough 
1801 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto
(416) 285-8191
Naan & Kabob Mississauga
30 Bristol Road East, Mississauga
(905) 501-9889
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By: June 3, 2016

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