Sukhothai Halal Restaurant in Toronto

Sukhothai Halal** UPDATE: after going through renovations, the restaurant now serves alcohol at this location”

In a tucked away area of downtown Toronto lies Sukhothai, authentic Thai food that’s also halal.

We were just excited about the ‘halal’ part when we heard about this place, we weren’t expecting more than average food to be honest. Thai restaurants in Toronto are a dime a dozen and we’ve tried our share of vegetarian options in a handful of restaurants. All of them were pretty much the same, nothing spectacular. But right off the bat you can tell Sukhothai is different.

Walking in, we’re greeted by the owner and immediately grab seats right by the front cash. Most tables only seat 2-4 people as the dining area is very narrow but the ones closer to the kitchen are slightly larger. Space is tight so don’t go in with strollers.

The menu is pretty typical Thai but everything looked mouth-watering. The owner came by to help us with our order and gave us his recommendations.

SukhothaiI ordered the khao soi with chicken, a Sukhothai special from Northern Thailand. A creamy ginger, coriander and coconut infused curry with chicken and yellow noodles, topped with crispy noodles.

The rest of my table ordered; gaeng kiaw wan (green curry) and gaeng phed (red curry) and spring rolls as a starter.

While we wait for our food the owner comes by again just to chat. I love that, it’s so important to connect with your customers and it makes a great first impression.

We ask him about his background and he proceeds to tell us about his story (which you can read more about here) and why he goes halal with his meat. They are not Muslim owners, but the neighborhood is in a predominantly Muslim area. Out of respect, they use halal meat from a local butcher and does not serve pork or alcohol. Um wow! How thoughtful considering a lot of his clientele are not Muslim.

Appetizers arrived and the spring rolls were great! A crispy shell that wasn’t greasy and a tender filling with a perfect hit of spice.

Our meals came shortly after. I usually expect the first bite to be good, but then decrease in flavor and interest after each subsequent bite. Not the case here! The flavors are so intense and varied with texture that each bite was unique. I love food, but my appetite is small, so I’m famous for leaving a bit (which my hubby happily finishes). I cleaned the bowl of khao soi… And it was a generous serving!

My son (who’s almost six) loved the coconut rice and we added some of the curry and meat from our dishes. He ate very well. He even got a dessert sampling on the house!

Sukhothai is a definite winner in my books. Superior over any other authentic Thai restaurant I’ve tried.

If you’re in Downtown near Parliament and Dundas, give them a try!

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By: January 9, 2012


  • I found it very interesting when reading this Archived article.–pataki-thai-one-on-at-khao-san-road

    Specially, where they state:

    The couple opened Sukhothai restaurant in Regent Park in 2008. They opened the sleeker, more service-oriented Khao San Road on Feb. 4.

    The most obvious difference is the inclusion of pork; Sukhothai is halal because of its customer base. “Pork is a really big part of Thai culture,” explains Jeffrey. Hence the pad phed pha ($13), or stir-fried pork with Thai basil, wild lime leaves and bamboo.

    Hence my concern. Your thoughts.

    • halal foodie on March 8, 2012

      The restaurant mentioned in the article is not Sukhothai. Same owners though which I believe is where the confusion is. Sukhothai on Parlaiment buys their meat from a local halal butcher and does not serve alcohol or pork. The newer restaurant featured in the article called Khao San Road does. Hope that helps clear things up!

      Thanks for being vigilant though! Things change so I depend on your help alerting me :)

      • Yep, I understand it’s two different places, but it’s the same owner, even tho the meat at parliament is halal, the cook could be handling both places, isn’t there a shariah rule on how to wash ones’ self if they come in contact with pigs? or for that matter dogs?.

        I am more concerned about cross contamination more than anything, then again, I might just be thinking too hard.

        Your thoughts?

        • halal foodie on March 9, 2012

          Didn’t think of it that way! Hmm best to ask a mowlana you trust in that case. I don’t think it’s appropriate to give opinion on this matter – best to consult with an alim! I shall do the same!

          JazakAllahu khair brother for bringing this to light – dialogue is always good!

  • As’salaamu alaykum;

    Do you happen to know where they get their meat from exactly? Is it Kabul farms? Also, is all their meat from there?

    jazakillahu khairah

    • halal foodie on April 30, 2012

      Wa alykum salaam, since this place is not Muslim owned its better to check before you visit as they are under no obligation to serve halal meat or stick to a certain supplier. This review was done a while back so it’s always better to check again.

  • We had dinner here tonight and while the food was AMAZING, we did see they had a tiny little bar set up in the back. Customers were able to order beer, etc. so the place is no longer alcohol-free.

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