The Kabab Shoppe in Pickering

The Kabab Shoppe in Pickering

Pickering is a town located just outside of Toronto’s East. Many travel  from as far as Mississauga and Oakville just to visit famous Affy’s Premium Grill but now there’s another restaurant that’s worth a try if you’re ever headed out yonder.

The Kabab Shoppe in Pickering is a brand new Afghan restaurant located on busy Kingston Rd., very close to Pickering Town Centre Mall.

The Kabab Shoppe in Pickering The Kabab Shoppe in Pickering

When you walk in, you’re greeted by warm staff and a comfortable interior with cozy finishes like wood paneling and coffee coloured tables. Off to the left hand side, just after you enter, is a private room that can accommodate around 8-10 people. Great for private get-togethers.

Although it’s set up as a quick service restaurant where you have to place your order at the cash register, the modern and clean interior make it a great dine-in option for a night out with the family. And when you’re trying to please everyone — Afghan cuisine is a great option; everyone from children to grandparents can find a dish they will enjoy.

When we arrived we knew we didn’t want to have the same old, so we asked the usual — “what’s good” question that I’m sure drives everyone who works in a restaurant insane 🙂

Being a new restaurant they didn’t have too much insights into what was doing particularly well but they did suggest to try something outside the ordinary — salmon. Yup — fish. I happen to love salmon and didn’t think twice. I was happy to give it a go.

The Kabab Shoppe in Pickering

For my two children, we ordered The Kabab Shoppe’s Sultani platter with rice (note they do not serve fries). You can’t go wrong with Sultani if you’re a beef lover. It’s a plate with two options; a skewer of spice-infused minced meat and a skewer of tender and highly flavourful fillet mignon cut up into bite sized cubes. I always ask for it to be cooked to medium as I find it too tough when cooked well done. If you don’t specify, most places will cook to well done.

After a standard 15 minute wait, all meals came out together with salads and sauces.

The Kabab Shoppe in Pickering

The salmon I ordered was oven roasted in Afghan spices. The flavour was intense and went really well with the fish. Instead of rice I requested salad which made for a very health conscious, but satisfying meal.

Overall, The Kabab Shoppe is a great addition to growing population in Durham region.

Meat Source: All Chicken is direct from Sargent Farms (hand slaughtered halal and HMA Certified Supplier) and beef is sourced fromLittle Britain Meat Packers ** NOTE: meat was checked (verbal assurance) at time of review and can change at anytime – please check meat sources before eating and let us know if there are any discrepancies **

The Kabab Shoppe
1450 Kingston Rd Pickering
(905) 492-3144

By: December 12, 2015


  • I went there and nothing special. Usual afghan cuisine and taste which we are all too familiar except fish is a new addition. Would love to see more new items added when new afghan restaurants open if they want to stand out. Such as leek or squash bouglane or vegetarian aashuk. Or for dessert offer those famous cream rolls or that pink creamy tea which is similar to cashmere tea.

    • I agree totally. Haven’t tried this place by ur right about Afghan restos being same ol same ol. They need to add to their menu… I’d suggest kabuli topping, Boulani, some curry/saucy type dishes? Banjon??

  • Yesterday I went with my family to The Kabab Shoppe restaurant. We ordered Kabab Platter that was for family size. It was so tasty and and the chicken and the beef meat were so soft and delicious. Also the customer service is excellent. I like to go to this restaurant every weekend.

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