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Restaurant   |   burgers, North American   |   $ (entree under $10)

Big Moe’s

3517 Kennedy Rd
1961 Lawrence Ave. E
372 Yonge St.

Although small in size by being more of a take out restaurant, Big Moe’s halal burger joint starts off big right from the start. A big window with brightly coloured walls and the right amount of lighting make the place warm and inviting. Known for their amazing smash burgers, funnel cakes and Tuesday special – Big Moe’s has 2 convenient Scarborough Locations and a NEW downtown location:



  • Just a Kid on the Curb of Wishes on February 1, 2014

    Great beef and buns but, they need work on their consistency. I went when the place was slow, as in the traffic inside the restaurant, and ordered thre juicy lucys. They were all lacking cheese and the patties varied in size quite a bit. Although the beef and bun are great, they could work on sloppiness and toppings.

    It doesn’t help with convenience that they’re cash only.

  • The downtown location has really good service and food quality as well as knowledgeable staff

  • I ABSOULTELY LOVE THEIR FOOD. But it doesn’t always feel clean to me. One time I went and the guy didn’t wear gloves. They’re also painfully slow when it comes to making the food.

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