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Chick Fiesta Flame Grilled Chicken and Steak

699 Markham Road, Scarborough


  • Zabihah by Hand

The Chick Fiesta menu represents a fusion of traditional North African spices and cooking techniques with Portuguese style chicken and AAA grade steaks and ribs. Flavours ranging from lemon/mild all the way to hot and intense peri. Their home-made marinade is made from all natural ingredients and infused with a blend of herbs and spices. 



  • I have been to the Scarborough location numerous times- and the chicken is some of the best i’ve ever had in my life! It is grilled but still very moist and VERY flavorful. Their coleslaw is made to order and is a MUST try, it is very very good!

    -Loyal Chick Felays Customer

  • been to several locations & truly a miss

    food is horrible & management needs to learn customer service

    i’d rather go to a nando’s rather then this knock off OR even galito’s which is not as good as Nando’s but better then chick felay’s

    • Have you visited you Scarborough location once, food is always fresh and this place is really nice and clean. Customer service is fast and management is really friendly. I am sure you will change your reviews after visiting Scarborough location.

    • Funny thing cause all this crap is subjective. They all taste like crap and Nandos and Galito’s here taste like crap. Even Englands Nando’s taste better than these garbage owners here destroying their brand

  • I have visited Scarborough location numerous times and every time they beat my expectations, lately I tried their fried chicken, its so tender, crispy and very flavorful. Coleslaw is really amazing. Now I can enjoy both peri peri and fried chicken under one roof, I strongly recommend going to chick felays.Scarborough location since they food is HMA halal, great food and prices are very reasonable too. Go Chick Felays.

  • Chick felays has the best grilled and fried chicken I’ve ever tasted. They have really nice and polite employees and prices are not too high. (reasonable prices) . I highly recommend going there. Scarborough location. 699 Markham road.

  • Is the Brampton location closed down?

    • All Chick Felays locations closed except Markham and Lawrence and now Chick Felays Scarborough has changed there business name to Chick Fiesta. Food is great and I think this is the only location which consider business very seriously and that’s there success.

  • The Scarborough location is AMAZING. Their service and their preparation with the food is excellent. Never had bad food there. Service is amazing and the owner and workers are great !

    • I went to the Scarborough, Markham location and I ordered the chicken wings and OMG, I never new chicken could taste soooo goood. (tasted clean and non-greasy) A very nice and clean place. Definitely plan to go back there. Most delicious sauce I ever had, mild. I’m looking for a Halal grocery store in Scarborough where I can buy my meat / chicken/ love chicken wings that taste as nice as the chicken wings I had.

  • Is the New market location closed?

  • This restaurant has amazingly delicious food!
    They provide very reasonable offers too, they’ve supported us (the MSA at York) for our iftars in Ramadan.

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  • At the Markham and Lawrence location, the chicken wraps had practically NO chicken and WAY too much Mayo. Rating of 2/5.

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