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Chopstick House

1780 Markham Rd.

Chopstick House is a great addition to the East-end community as there seems to be a lack of options for places that do not serve alcohol or have a full halal menu. They have a section in their menu for white meat options which we thought was pretty unique and a step in a great direction.


  • Asak:
    I often order chicken Corn Soup and Hakka Noodles special. Love them with their best price and taste.

  • we really enjoyed the food and service. we ordered a lot for 2 adults and 2 small lil ones so had lots left over. great addition to scarborough.
    The only thing I did not like was that the water jug was kinda crusty , looked like they had not washed the jugs in a while. but overall amazing halal food

  • My family and I have been coming here for about 2 years now and we love it! The service is very nice and helpful and there is ample room in the restaurant. We reccomend the crispy chili beef, hot n sour soup, indonesian fried rice and dragon beef. Absolutely delicious and for our family of 4, the portions are more than enough. Definitely give it a go, they have some really great hakka food. 5/5 stars

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