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Continental Grand

4141 Dixie Road

Aside from Hakka, South Asian and Middle Eastern food Continental Grand Buffet also has Mediterranean and African dishes and a good variety of desserts too. Even with a plethora of options, they were mostly mediocre but we did manage to find a few dishes we enjoyed, like the chicken shawarma. They also have a massive space, seating for 300.


  • Mangrol Party on November 10, 2014

    Quantity : 10/10
    Quality: 1/10
    Price value: 4/10
    Never go on Sunday, all left over food from Saturday on the grill table.

  • After reading so many reviews about Continental buffet I was extremely confused whether to take my guests there for dinner or not;
    I did some research and some of my friends who have been there recently said positive things, here is my unbiased experience.
    Called continental buffet to reserve a table for 10, phone was answered by the owner Ali Khan who was very polite and gentle, he advised that there is a Winter Offer of 19.99 instead of regular 21.99 and yes he will book the table for us.
    When we reached the restaurant Ali was there supervising, when I mentioned about the booking he took us personally to the table and thereafter we were looked after by a young server who too had a very pleasant smile.
    The food was delicious my guest were happy, no complaints all praises and the end was a lovely Pan made by another pleasant person.
    Ali, thank you very much for serving great food.

    • mangrolparty on July 30, 2015

      Nothing personal…but the second review is written by the restaurant it self…perfect happy ending script…lol
      I will go again and see if things are improved or not..stay tune.

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