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D Spot Cafe and Bistro

51 Lebovic Avenue, Scarborough
(647) 349-7746


  • Zabihah by Hand

Formerly known as Spin Desserts, owners have rebranded the space and called it D-Spot Cafe and Bistro, owned and operated by Muslims. All menu items with meat is currently sourced from Crescent which is from hand slaughtered sources.


  • P. Maulson on April 19, 2015

    As a treat, I took my two sons today to try something sweet. Their desserts were delicious and they were very happy.

    My dessert was the Triple Threat. Something was off with the dairy and it had a sour milk taste. The waiter got the manager who kindly offered another option. I declined as I was now put off. The surprising thing was that my sour dessert was still on the bill with a 10% discount for slow service. Having spent 25 years in retail, I assumed management would automatically remove the item from the bill. I didn’t confront management as I didn’t want to challenge the bill in front of my kids.

    I am not a difficult consumer but an aware consumer. Apologies are appreciated but the follow through is the removal of the item.

    Sadly though we won’t be returning, as I think it reflects poorly that they had me pay for an item that was not palatable.

    I tipped 15% as I felt our server was attentive and a kind young man.

  • we went there for desserts and for a hot drink .
    it was super busy and had to wait to be seated which we didn’t mind on a beautiful warm evening.

    service was great , desserts were amazing and m caffeine requirement was satisfied.

    Definitely recommend this place and would go back .

    Looking forward to their Ramadhan hours.

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