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Karachi Kitchen
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6560 Meadowvale Town Centre Cir
(905) 821-7700


  • Zabihah by Hand

Karachi Kitchen is the best example of a hostile takeover I’ve seen happen to an Indian/Pakistani restaurant. It’s the happy medium between parent and child. It’s what I wish was around when my parents took me out as a young teen. Why? Where else can you get ribs or a Philly sandwich AND butter chicken, kebabs, nihari and Pakistani fare. It’s fancy looking but still has cafeteria style ordering with no table service. Their garlic naan is a definite must try and they’re known for their bihari kebab as well.


  • I went there once but it was awful because they gave me the wrong order and then refused to change it.

  • I feel this is one of the worst halal restaurants I’ve been to. Awful food, awful service.

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