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Restaurant   |   South Asian   |   $$ (entree $10-20)

La Sani Grill

2058 Ellesmere Road
(416) 481-7866

Located at 2058 Ellesmere Road (corner of Markham and Ellesmere) La Sani Grill is always bustling with customers. With a recent extension, this place has ample seating and is able to accommodate large groups. It is clean, modern and has sophisticated decor. The restaurant has an extensive staff working the front counter and the kitchen, and best of all, they are friendly and attentive.

We highly recommend trying their Reshami Kababs and their Naan. It is a bit on the pricey side but the portions are generous and the service makes up for it.



  • Love it. Clean, good food and good price. Their portion sizes are good too. Definitely try it.

  • Latimer Drive, Mississauga Location.
    Please save your money. The food was not fresh. Rice seems to have re-heated in microwave. Kebabs and Tikka were stale and just re-heated in tandoor. Really small portion sizes. Meat not well cooked or over cooked. Since when is chicken kadhai served in a cream sauce. I was expecting a rich red colored dry gravy chicken. The chicken was boiled separately and added tot the gravy. The only saving grace was the naan, which was fresh. I guess they could not re-heat that or that would have been done as well. They tried copying the afghani menu style and failed miserably. Our family will never go there again. Even our 10 year old complained about food quality and serving sizes.

  • Shabnam Khan on May 4, 2017

    Aslam o alaikum plz tell me your food is Halal caz Biryani was Full of Lace within 2 hours n smelled like dead meat and ever since i been throwing up caz i loved there food n i been eating there every single day but now what

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