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Licken Chicken and Seafood

25 Overlea Blvd.


  • Zabihah by Hand

New Licken Chicken & Seafood opened up in Toronto (25 Overlea Blvd.)


  • I would rather go to chick felays than licken chicken because chick felays fried chicken and burgers taste so good and have so much flavor and is so tender.

  • Onion rings tasted like a huge chunk of raw onion with tasteless uncooked batter.

  • I dont think lickin chicken is HMA certified

  • Found a hair in chicken coating. When I reported it, they casually were like”oh, ill change it”. Really?
    Both me and my friend threw up once we were home and got loosies. The chicken was undercooked and oily!
    Whats worse, they refuse to give me my bill or debit purchase receipt!!!! Customer service? NO THANK YOU!

  • Has this place shutdown? I’ve driven by here a few times but it seems to always be closed. Does anyone know what’s up?

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