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145 Rexdale Blvd

A traditional dish to Tanzania becomes the inspiration behind this family oriented restaurant, offering an eclectic menu with a wide array of foods.

Putting an East-African touch on Italian and American signature dishes, Mushkaki’s (also known as Mishkaki) flavours are modest yet unique, and are all the more stimulating when eaten together. For example, the popular Sweet Tomato Chicken adds a naturally subtle sweetness to breaded chunks of chicken complimented with your choice the spaghetti, rice, or fettuccine alfredo and mixed vegetable gravy, and is quite the large portion size.

Their signature dish (and style) the Mushkaki beef burger comes with tomatoes, lettuce, egg and cheese, dressed in their house made sauce. With options like: grilled burgers, grilled sandwiches, wraps, seafood, chicken and beef plates, steaks (even chicken steaks), lambchops, milkshakes and specialty fries, Mushkaki has a lot to choose from.

For us indecisive eaters (or generally indecisive people) it can be quite the adventure reading through their menu. If I may suggest, try a Mushkaki dish of theirs with specialty fries and a mint shake for an all-American diner experience. Or you could go with a chicken or beef entrée to really get a sense of the tender love and care that goes into their food.

Reviewer: Cookie Mobster


  • So I went here today after driving by it almost everyday, and I gotta say it was pretty good. I walked in and the menu overhead was pretty easy to read. The person serving me must have been the owner, he was nice and offered me hot soup which was delicious (don’t know if soup was complimentary or part of my combo) I ordered a double burger combo which was pretty good and juicy. The price was fair however the portion of fries could`ve been bigger. All in all I would recommend it. I would give it an 8.

    • Thanks Brother Abu Karar for coming.
      That was very nice of you. Yes the soup is complimentary and we cook it from scratch. The burgers are homemade as we use our own herbs.
      Please come again.
      Manager Osman.

      • Asalamu ‘alaykum Osman. Is your chicken and meat HMA certified? I want to visit the restaurant but can’t find out if it’s HMA certified or not.

        Jazakallahu khayr

  • I went there with my families for my sister Birthday on February. I must say at the cashier was really helpful and friendly. Food taste good and price is reasonable too. They also gave us candle & knife for the birthday cake. Will visit again for sure 🙂

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