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Restaurant   |   Fusion, North American, South Asian   |   $$ (entree $10-20)

Pepper Walk

5955 Latimer Dr.
(905) 813-9889


  • Zabihah by Hand
  • No Alcohol

An Asian fusion restaurant, Pepper Walk has both traditional South Asian dishes along with North American favourites such as steaks, soups, salads and an array of sharable appetizers. Located in Heartland Town Centre in Mississauga, their interior is spacious, clean and modern. An ideal setting for large gatherings and special occasions.

Meat Source: Chicken is sourced from Madina Poultry (Hand Slaughtered Halal) and beef is sourced from St. Helen’s Meat Packers. ** NOTE: meat was checked (verbal assurance) at time of review and can change at anytime – please check meat sources before eating and let us know if there are any discrepancies **


  • Shazia Kazmi on January 30, 2016

    For my Daughter’s birthday we were looking for a good and new place and we decided to go to Pepper Walk. We heard so much about this restaurant and as we entered found good amount of people even though it was weekday. Waitress who attended us was so nice and gave us sufficient time to think and when the food delivered was so yummy and Quanty was good enough for one person. Their environment was very comfortable and sitting area was so comfy. True value of price with taste and quantity. We enjoyed a lot and was happy to decide Pepperwalk for our daughter’s event

    • Thank you Shazia for coming to Pepperwalk and for the review! We hope to host your future events with us again and continue to keep our customers happy. Hope to see you soon again :)!

  • I noticed that they sell Caesar Salad, which has bacon in it. When we asked them why there was bacon in it, they said it was halal. What!?

    • I appreciate sir for highlighting this issue. It will give us an opportunity to explain any confusion having in any of our valuable customer’s mind.

      The smoked beef bacon we serve in our restaurant is actually a halal smoked beef brisket strip. Which is quite similar to pork bacon strip (cured pork belly meat). Hope this information will help and would love to see you again.

  • Blackshadow on March 6, 2016

    So where do I start?
    It was the most horrible experience I’ve ever had. I would rather starve to death than go there.
    On busy days the food takes at least 40 mins. So if you ordered steaks you have to expect at least an hour of absolute waste, waiting you food.
    They never ever ever cook the steak right. I don’t understand what is wrong with their kitchen but if you can not cook steaks right then go find another job.
    I asked for a medium rare steak and the first time I got my order it was completely wrong so I sent it back with hope those “professionals” would fix it but when I got my food back, it was as horrible as the first time. Wrong. Whatever by then it was like around 2 hours so I didn’t say anything.
    I tried speaking to the owner but he is hands down the most disrespectful person I have ever met. He did not care about my complaint all. He cared about was getting the money. I paid $80 for absolute nothing. I honestly would rather have burnt that money than give it to this money sucking place. It took them 3 hours for the food but 5 minutes to collect the money.
    Also, there was a party of like 15 people sitting beside my table, at one point the owner came and told them to be quiet. I heard how he spoke to them. He was so rude. I saw their faces, they were shocked and surprised of the way he talked them. What restaurant owner would tell his costumers to shut up?
    I also heard their server ( really nice blond girl) asking them what’s wrong and apologizing for her stupid owner.

    In conclusion this place is an entire mess and it is going in a pit of failure. Little they know is that their end will be because of their lack of respect and good service.
    I do not recommend this place
    Save your money and go to paramount.

  • Disgusting restaurant. No idea of what customer service is.

    They took a booking for a Birthday Party, reconfirmed the event 3 days prior to event date and were closed on the event date. Did not even bother to call in advance so that alternative arrangements could be made or call later to apologize.

    There are PLENTY of Halal restaurants in Mississauga. AVOID this one because of their disgusting character and service.

  • This is by far the worst culinary experience I have had at this restaurant. To ensure my review is worthy I made sure to try this place twice and the disappointment only grew with each visit. Below is a list
    1. The food was extremely sub-standard. Beef shortribs were floating in a pool of oil and the portion size was kiddy. The burger was cold and the cheese still frozen. The calamari was tiny and felt like it just came out of the freezer. The steak was overcooked and had no taste.The fries were brittle like a pinewood.
    2. The drinks were flat and when asked they said this how its meant to be. The mojito was sprite and mint with no flavour
    3. The wait time for food on both occasion was approx 1.5 hrs which is ridiculous. Each platter that came was cold by the time it arrived
    4. The service was horrible. There were 2 servers who were both clueless and had the worst attitude. i.e they were doing us favour by serving us. Not only did they lack knowledge but also gave us a tonne of attitude if we asked questions about our food.
    5. And lastly it is a courtesy to ask the table how the bill should be devided. We were told that the bill cannot be seperated as its too confusing.

    To summarise food was terrible service was horrible and wait times were insanely long. I would recommend anyone to not waste their time and money over this overpriced uncooth restaurant

  • Syed Azmat Ali on April 1, 2016

    I’ve had food at PepperWalk twice. Once with family and the other time, with friends. I love my food, but I am not a food snob.
    The first time, I ordered a steak. It was ok. I have come to the decision that for some reason, Halaal restaurants just can’t make the kind of steaks we expect in Canada. I’ve had non-halaal ones too, and there’s no comparison. So, knowing the shortcoming of Halaal restaurants, I am ok with their steaks.
    Next time, I ordered their Balouchi Chicken. That was really nice.
    Yes, as mentioned by others, their service sucks. On busy nights, they simply can’t seem to find extra help. With the Halaal food joints, it seems like they have put in everything they had into setting up the business and it should simply turn in profits from thereon.
    Restaurants are as much about food, as they are about service. If you can’t get that, do some other business, please.
    In summary: Decent food, Nice ambiance, bad service and food delivery times.

  • This place is terrible, please do not go there. I do not understand how this restaurant is still running with their horrible food, service and management. Fusion of flavours? more like confusion of flavours.

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