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Pita Land

314 Harwood Ave
(905) 239-7721


  • Zabihah by Hand

For those in Durham region, the discovery of Pita Land has made it entirely possible to satisfy that craving for shawarma late at night. There must be an entire community of people who have the occasional (or more than occasional) midnight-craving for fresh chicken souvlaki or tender, juicy gyros. Why else would they be open until 2am every day? It’s quite evident that I’m not alone; and a later-than-usual adventure to the south-Ajax Pita Land proved just that.

Pita Land displays a more elaborate menu than your typical shawarma joint. You’ll find item items like gyros, lamb chops, BBQ chicken, BBQ kebab and waziri beef as well as several appetizers including cheese pie and spinach pie, in addition to the classics of shawarma meat and falafels. Accompanied by a salad, rice, or spicy potatoes, their plates are sure to please. Add hummus, garlic paste and tzatziki sauce for some tasty additions to their flavourful meat. And if you happen to develop a sweet tooth by the end of it all (if you still have room), try their baklava! Its crispy, flaky layers on top of a dense, nutty base will envelope your mouth with sweet goodness.

A visit to the Pita Land in Ajax presented a clean, moderately sized venue. Their additions of flat-screen TVs and hanging lights makes it more appealing than your typical shawarma stop. With an open space and fair amount of seating, take friends along who share the same inconveniently-timed craving as you.

The service was friendly and relatively fast, and meat was fresh. Their tender, juicy gyros were full of flavour and the souvlaki was kept marinated until my order was made. Pita Land is an option to keep in mind when looking for a casual outing with friends or for a quick bite to take on the go.

– Cookie Mobster

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  • Never been disappointed with the sharwamas from pita land. Food good and friendly staff.

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