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Pizza Express Plus

1812 Simcoe Street North


  • Zabihah by Hand

A staple in every community across the GTA, halal pizza has touched down in Oshawa as Pizza Express Plus and opened its doors a short while ago. Catering to the vicinity of Durham College and UOIT, Pizza Express Plus provides students with one of the most basic necessities essential for success in the college & university life: Pizza. They also serve up three more of the most important food groups in a student’s diet: chicken wings, biryani, and ice cream.

Indeed, Pizza Express Plus has definitely emphasized on the plus with a menu consisting of a variety of fries and poutine, sandwiches, salads (I’m serious), specialty pizzas and toppings, a mini-menu of classic Desi-dishes (talk about optimizing their kitchen), and more.

They know a thing or two about dessert too — selling cheesecake, chocolate cake, bakhlava and a housemade lassi. This is in addition to the pre-packs of ice cream and ice-cream cones you’ll find in their freezer section. And if you look a little deeper into their freezers you’ll find frozen halal pre-packed meats, taking into consideration the large number of Muslims living in the community.

Although the venue is clean and spacious, they don’t have too much seating for those looking to dine-in. However, their wide-ranging menu and varieties will definitely require you to take a seat and ponder over what you should satisfy your craving with. If you’re conflicted over which cuisine to order (or which culture you feel like being that day), try their butter chicken poutine or butter chicken pizza. They even have a halal bacon option and specialty sauces for some of their pizzas. Fast and friendly, Pizza Express delivers (pun intended).

– Cookie Mobster

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