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Sargent Farms Mississauga

Sargent Farms Mississauga opens up their first retail outlet for customers who want to bring home fresh from the farm chicken that’s HMA certified and at a great price. Located in Mississauga, Sargent Farms retail outlet is the direct source for their quality “halal by hand” chicken used by restaurants across Ontario.

Their fresh chicken is sold in 5kg boxes — so make sure you have room in the freezer!

Hours of Operation are:
Tue РFri 11:00 to 7:00
Sat 10:00 to 5:00


  • This is great hat Sargent farm came in Mississauga.
    More easy don’t have to go Milton.
    Thank you.

  • Excellent product and great staff. The girl who doesn’t wear a hijab makes me laugh everytime I’m there. She always greets my wife and I by calling us Aunty and Uncle. We appreciate the respect we get from her and the great service. Good job Sargent Farms. Keep it up.

    • I know exactly who you’re speaking of my friend. She is indeed very pleasent. My wife saw her at Milton shop now.

  • Ashraf Khan on June 27, 2017

    Any plans of Sergent farms to have a retailer shop in Brampton ?

  • We had our wedding approaching and we were providing the meals. A few of our friends that attended wereMuslim and requested only certified halal products. After a few Google searches, we stumbled upon this gem called Sargent Farms located right here in Milton. About 4 weeks ago, we visited the store to get some information and we were so impressed with how clean the store was but that’s as far as the great first impression went. There were two people behind the counter. The Muslim lady was the first to assist us but I think she had a hard time answering us because she kept looking to the other girl for help. The Canadian girl that stepped in to help us was not very pleasent. Yes she answered our questions but seemed to be annoyed with how many we had. There was no enthusiasm and I don’t think she smiled once to be honest. My partner and I felt as if we were taking up her time, even though we were the only customers in the store. Well, we ended up visiting the second location in Mississauga the following Friday afternoon with our caterer and couldn’t believe the difference in the customer service.
    We had the pleasure of being helped by two very lovely ladies and a very efficient young man. The ladies and young man spent so much time with us and answered every question, showed us unlimited products and had smiles from ear to ear. No doubt we, ended up purchasing product for our wedding and it was a a big success with our Muslim friends. Thank you Sargent Farms.

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