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Showtime Bistro
HF Choice HF Choice

2761 Markham Rd,
(647) 748-7469


  • Zabihah by Hand
  • No Alcohol

Showtime Bistro is a new quick service style restaurant serving up a variety of burgers, sharable appetizers, entrees and more… a collaborative partnership brought to you by Halal Food Fest TO, Halal Foodie and Chef Life Toronto!



  • Food wasn’t that great. Nothing special. Pricey for a bistro

    • agreed

    • I totally agree with darf and Rasik. I expected way better from the people who rate and review other halal restaurants. The food is way too pricey and why are you asking for a tip when you aren’t serving customers?

      Flavours are there….still can do a lot better. The quality of the food can be improved. The chicken and meat in the burgers are pretty bland so if you don’t have enough sauce, it isn’t that great.

      Was not impressed by the fries. They are pretty dry and tasteless but the jerk chicken poutine was pretty good.

      Again, if the people who run Halal foodie and the Halal food festival opened this restaurant…I would think from all their tastings and research, the food would have been outstanding.


  • Found the burgers to be exceptionally delicious, I actually found the prices to be comparative to the quality of the food. If ever in doubt, any burger with the beef bacon is stellar!

  • Delicious and not that expensive for the size of burger. Definitely going again.

  • Food was not great at all. Not worth the price. Only reason it’s busy is because it’s halal.

  • Pricey and very average to sub par food. May give it a shot again in 6 months.

  • Nice setup, reasonable price, good customer service, wonderful food presentation but not remarkable taste. Not impressed about the food taste. Patty was too dry, no flavor and not juicy. Had the Godfather, Sixth Sense & Show Stopper.

  • After reading other reviews I didn’t expect much but I was pleasantly surprised!!

    The staff was very warm and friendly. And the food was just great!! I ordered the cool runnings burger and loved it. My sons kids meal was great too. The portions was amazing. And the waffle smore dessert was superb!!

    This will become a regular for my family for sure!!

  • Not impressed by the food. We ordered the chicken caeser salad. The salad looked days old and the grilled chicken was dry. We also ordered the steak frites. Very dry and bland. Nice setup and concept though.

  • Burgers were good .
    Service was good.
    staff were nice.
    I didn’t like the fact we had to grab our sauces from a different counter , because when we went there was a table of couples who were hogging those sauces .
    waffle dessert was too rich but the marshmallow pieces on top of it were enjoyed nicely.

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