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Spicy Garden

4810 Sheppard Avenue East Unit #220


  • Zabihah by Hand

Nestled amongst shops in the neighbourhood of Agincourt, Spicy Garden has been serving the community for quite some time with the help of their beautiful, camera-shy pet fish who goes by the name Man Chu (he’s got an awesome hairdo btw). An open venue with plenty of seating, you’ll find some interesting dishes in addition to the classics offerings of a Hakka restaurant, like mango chicken, orange chicken, and chicken mushroom bamboo amongst their 160 different items.

They have several weekday lunch specials for a solid price of $5.99+tax (available from 11:30am-3:30pm) as well as a special-for-one that’ll leave you with plenty of leftovers (who doesn’t love leftover hakka?).  Quick and convenient with generous portion sizes, Spicy Garden even offers 10% off on pick-up orders of $15 if paid by cash!

– Cookie Mobster

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