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Top Gun Steak

251 Augusta Ave.
(416) 593-2777


  • Zabihah by Hand

Gourmet steak sandwiches in a Top Gun themed environment with menu items that reference the 80’s action film. Located in the heart of Kensignton Market – with all the market charm, you definitely need to pay this place a visit!



  • The area is okay but I loved the food! it was soo tasty! Honestly one of the best burgers ive ever had!

  • HORRIBLE Experience. Went in Feb 14, because Bergernator was closed early,
    We order Goose, Bollywood and Topgun, First off the guy taking orders was in the rush for no reason, there was only one other table occupied. Goose was ok, properly done, nothing special though. Other two were uncooked from the middle, almost 60% of meat was RED and PINK. When complained they changed the burgers but it was still uncooked. All the time the two asian guys working were bickering, swearing and fighting with each other. WILL NEVER GO BACK AGAIN

    • A cooked burger that’s pink on the inside can be safe to eat — but only if the meat’s internal temperature has reached 160°F throughout.
      If you are not a fan of the medium rare or medium well and only prefer WELL-DONE meat then ask for it ahead of ordering. I haven’t tried this place myself but so far everyone I know seems to enjoy it. I was surprised to see your comment maybe give it another shot.

    • Update : the owner is awesome, After my review he contacted me and assured that the issue is addressed. he even invited us for complimentary visit, which was awesome. Thank you for addressing the concern, you have won us as customer for life.

  • I dont know what the hype is about this place. Decor is very black. Bathrooms are always dirty. Meat is horrible. They put so much sauce that you dont taste the meat. Employees dont speak English and are always rude. Who is the owner anyways?

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