Channeling our inner Child with Mina LunchBreak + #MinaLunchBreak CONTEST!

Mina LunchBreak

Nostalgia has a way of getting to us in the weirdest ways. Sometimes even the most faintest of smells or colours will send our thoughts hurdling years back, opening up a floodgate of memories. Whoever thought it’d be with Mina LunchBreak lunch kits!?

Just in time for back to school, Mina breaks out of the halal mould of typical burgers and kebabs and wants their customers to enjoy a blast from the past that we never got to indulge in. Regardless of what our eating habits are now, we can all admit to at least wanting to try out this novelty just once… or twice.

Mina LunchBreak

Each Mina LunchBreak Lunch Kit comes with Chicken Bologna, Cheese, Wheat Crackers and Nerds® Candy. I wouldn’t classify this as a lunch personally but I’ll happily pack it into my children’s backpack as a snack or as a part of their lunch. I’m saying this because they wolfed down the entire package in less than 3 minutes and were chewing on my ankles for more.

My youngest, who’s 4 years old, could unpack, unwrap and carefully construct each cracker with toppings all on his own. He really liked being able to “make his own” food.

I admittedly make these myself as a snack for both my children. I’ll cut up veggie bologna, slice up little cheese pieces, get out some whole wheat crackers and add a few grapes on the side.

I didn’t think I’d ever get the quality ingredients from a package. I tend not to eat halal bologna from other companies because it’s usually too salty for me and I find they skimp out on quality. But Mina bologna is actually very good. They keep their ingredients cleaner than any other brand so I don’t feel bad. I don’t purchase my veggie alternatives as much when I’m craving deli meat. It also cuts down time — this is a convenience product. You can obviously make similar treats yourself but sometimes you just want to save a little time.

Mina LunchBreak

Mina LunchBreak Lunch Kits consist of components that are all HMA certified/approved. What does that mean? HMA Canada is a non-profit halal monitoring group that not only certifies but has presence within the company and actually monitors them on an ongoing basis to make sure the food you consume is halal. They are the only ones in Canada to provide this crucial service. With so many cases surfacing of “Halal Fraud”, just having a certificate is not good enough — especially when dealing with products containing meat.

Mina is committed to halal and never want to compromise halal authenticity — which is why they choose the HMA to back them up and make sure they always produce foods that meet the highest standards in terms of quality — and halal.

Mina LunchBreak Lunch Kits will be available at FreshCo and Food Basics locations across Ontario starting September 8 — just in time for Back to School!

To celebrate their launch we’ve teamed up with Mina to give away 5 prize packs! Each prize pack contains 4 lunch kits, a T-Shirt & coupons — total value of $50 per prize pack!

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*** Contest Closes Friday September 25 at 11:59pm EST and is only open to residents of Ontario, must be 18 years or older to enter ***


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By: September 8, 2015


  • My favourite back to school memory is getting my new clothes ready for the first day of school 🙂

  • My favorite back to school memory is getting excited to see my friends after the summer break.

  • My favorite back to school memory is to go back to school shopping & get to see my friends at school.

  • My favourite back to school memory is to getting new clothes, shoes and school supplies :).

  • My favourite back to school memory was getting to meet my friends after the summer break. Was always good to see the professors as well 🙂

  • Mazamil Abdul Majeed on September 10, 2015

    My favourite back to school moment was to meet my friends and professors after the summer break.

  • My fav back to school memory has to be looking forward to eating my mommy’s samosas for lunch!! 🙂

  • My favourite back to school memory was playing foot-hockey with friends at recess

  • Smell of new books. Ah the memories!

  • Meeting friends ….with all stories of vacations…

  • Favorite school memory was being the head girl

  • I love opening new textbooks in their shrink wrap and then smelling it!

  • My favourite childhoold memory was when I immigrated fom Hong Kong. I meet my best friend (who was my neighbour). We are still very great friends to this day.

  • My favourite back to school memory was when my mom got me a pair of converse one star hitops that I wanted & I wore them on the first day of school. She used the public transit system to travel 2-3 hours to get them at the only store they were on sale at. The only colour she could get in my size were dark green but I still liked them.

  • meeting new friends in highschool

  • My favorite back to school memory was making new friends.

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