Halal Chicken Nuggets

Halal Chicken Nuggets

Anyone with kids knows they love chicken nuggets – and what’s not to love? They’re bite sized, crunchy, savoury and great to dip into another kid favourite, ketchup!

However, not unlike many other halal convenience foods, it’s difficult to find a good quality brand.

I’ve tried many different types and brands of halal chicken nuggets. To make sure I’m comparing equally, they were all frozen, boxed and in the $4-7 range.

The most common and negative feature with almost every product I’ve tried is that the meat is processed, runny and brown/pink in colour. I wouldn’t feed that to anyone let alone my children. But with the limited selection the community have, I can understand why these products sell.

One product stood out to me as being the best: Halal Delight Dino Chicken Nuggets. They’re made with white breast meat and come in fun dinosaur shapes. While not my taste, they satisfy that of my 5-year-old, and are officially kid-approved! The coating gets nice and crunchy after baking in our toaster oven and the inside chicken breast has the look, smell and firmness of real unprocessed chicken from breast meat – as they clearly say on the package!

Halal Chicken Nuggets

I was really excited to post about this because as a busy mom, this does offer a convenient, quick snack/meal option. If this brand isn’t stocked in your local halal store, ask the owner to get it because they’re definitely superior over their competitors.

By: November 17, 2011

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