Happy Muslims, M&M Meat Shops offer new Line of Halal Food

M&M Meat Shops

Canadian Muslims have been very happy with recent events like amendments to Food and Drug Regulations requiring more transparency on halal claims for packaged products, Zabeeha by Hand chicken options at major mainstream retailers becoming more readily available — and now, M&M Meat Shops announce their new Halal Product Line.

Canadian Happy Muslims don’t need a song — they need halal food. Clearly.

This weekend we’re celebrating this newest win, Halal Food options at your local neighbourhood M&M Meat Shop.

It’s not so much a full line of 70+ new products, but what M&M did was very interesting. They introduced new Halal HMA Certified frozen chicken products from Mina Halal. Then, through a HMA led initiative called Project Halal, realized that there was over 70 other products they already had that were suitable for Muslims to consume.

M&M Meat Shops decided to take this information and create a simple product list with these Mina Products and the other 70+ items. This makes it very convenient for a customer to walk in and make easy choices vs. contemplating, reading endless ingredient lists and then resorting to impulse decisions which sometimes result in unhappy product returns.

Halal Certified Chicken products from Mina Halal are only available in participating Ontario locations, more to come soon >> Here’s the list

70+ Halal Suitable products are available in all M&M Meat Shops across Canada >> Here’s the list of products

We feel happy 🙂


By: May 14, 2014


  • This makes me very very happy! As much as I love making things from scratch a girl needs a break every now and then!

  • As the Muslim population grows the The demand for Halal food will grow. If business owners are smart they will see this. I am very happy to see this.

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