#HalalOnTheGo with Mortimer’s Halal Kitchen

#HalalOnTheGo with Mortimer’s Halal Kitchen — New HMA Certified Product Hits the Shelf!

Being so closely connected to the halal industry, I usually get glimpses of products coming into the market. It’s really exciting to see all the growth that’s been happening over the last few years.

Mortimer's Halal Kitchen

One such company is Mortimer’s Halal Kitchen. They have an exciting new line of frozen pies, and a really innovative product called Pies On-the-Go. All products in the Mortimer’s Halal Kitchen line-up are certified halal by HMA Canada.

Mortimer’s Halal Kitchen products launched at the Grocery Innovations Canada Conference this past September and they are now in the market at various retailers across Ontario and soon, across Canada. You can find them at FreshCo, Sobey’s, Sunny’s Food Mart, Iqbals and even order them online from Adam’s Natural Foods.

Mortimer's Halal Kitchen

Look out for them at Halal Food Festival Toronto as well!

The pies themselves are a breath of fresh air because they’re wholesome and made with quality ingredients.

Mortimer's Halal Kitchen

If you look at the ingredients panel, it resembles the ingredients list of a great recipe more than a product that is full of preservatives and fillers. Huge bonus for a busy mom like myself that is always on the hunt for nourishing and convenient meals and snacks.

All of their products are great, but my favourite from their line is Mortimer’s Pies On-the-Go.

Mortimer's Halal Kitchen

Pies On-the-Go are single packs of personal sized pies that you stick in the microwave for a minute (package and all!) and literally – GO! I originally thought it would be perfect for my kids when we are zipping back and forth from school and Tae Kwon Do practice or baseball games. But I find myself eating more of it than they are. The fact is, I often neglect myself when it comes to eating properly during a busy season. But this changes things because I can now get in that bit of energy that I need without worrying that I’ve completely skipped a meal.

Mortimer's Halal Kitchen

I have two boys, aged ten and five. The older one prefers the butter chicken flavour (pictured above), it has only a slight kick to it which makes it great for children. The little one likes the creamy comfort of chicken pot pie flavour. Myself, I go back and forth and can’t really pin down a favourite. I’m just thrilled that we have something convenient that we can all enjoy.

When the kids love food, I’m really, really relieved/happy — and they love Mortimer’s Halal Kitchen.


By: May 13, 2016


  • Faisal B. on May 16, 2016

    Really? No fillers, and then you zap them in the microwave for your loving boys so you kill any nutrition left with packaging and all. Good job mom.

    • Halal Foodie on May 17, 2016

      Why the mom-shaming? Is that how ill your heart is? Very sad.

    • What a rude comment! Shame on you!!!

    • footybedsheets on May 23, 2016

      Absolutely ridiculous comment. If you have a comment about the product then contact the company. And try being a Mom for 5 mins. You can’t even be a descent person on a comment thread.

    • What is mom shaming? Only your own mom is above reproach, since youre unrelated to him he can say whatever he wants.

  • Wow mom by shaming by a guy. Gotta love it. I hope you sleep well at night knowing you’re a jerk.

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