New Sargent Farms Retail Store Gives Direct Access to Farm Fresh Poultry that’s all Halal

Sargent Farms Retail Store

Sargent Farms new retail store is located off of Mavis and Central Parkway at 3410 Semenyk Court, Mississauga — right beside Payal Banquet Hall and Istiqamah Islamic Centre of Ontario. The four F’s; fresh, friendly, frugal and fast will help you remember why buying direct is usually best.

If you visit halal restaurants and you tend to check meat suppliers, you’ll notice that the Sargent Farms name comes up quite often for chicken source. It’s the name that many restaurant owners and chefs alike choose to serve to their customers. Now their Ontario farm fresh chicken — that’s also HMA certified — is available for purchase directly to the public. Going direct means skipping a step in distribution. This translates to their product getting to you much quicker than through traditional routes.

Sargent Farms Retail Store

Store hours are great too — They are open from Tuesday to Friday from 11am right up until 7pm each evening and then Saturday from 10am until 5pm. Sunday and Monday they are closed.

On my way into the store I came across a gentleman who was hosting a BBQ the very next day. He had a 5kg box of leg quarters which he was going to marinate overnight and grill the next day, the location was perfect for him. Sargent Farm’s retail store location is convenient for many in the Mississauga area, but staff mention people come in from Hamilton, Scarborough and even further out to buy their fresh chicken in bulk.

With 11 products currently on offer, all in 5kg boxes and whole chickens in boxes of 4 birds per box, you can go in and out fairly quickly. Their best seller is their boneless breast but I personally am really excited to see chicken tenders as an option as well.

Product is always fresh and the following items are currently available:

  • Whole Chicken (Medium) – 4 birds
  • Leg Quarters – 5kg
  • Bone-in Breast Split (Medium) – 5kg
  • Whole Wings (Medium) – 5kg
  • Split Wings (Medium) – 5kg
  • Boneless Breast (Medium) – 5kg
  • Boneless Breast (Large) – 5kg
  • Boneless Leg Meat – 5kg
  • Boneless Thigh Meat – 5kg
  • Chicken Tenders (Medium) – 5kg
  • Chicken Tenders (Large) – 5kg

Sargent Farms Retail Store

Sargent Farms Retail Store
3410 Semenyk Court, Mississauga
(905) 896-1059


By: August 22, 2014


  • I dont see chicken brest strips

  • I don’t understand how is this halal chicken if the owner is not muslim and the meet to be halal there are alot of rules to follow during slit the kitchen

    • Sajjad Jaffery on December 12, 2015

      That’s a ridiculous assumption. There is no reason that a Non-Muslim can’t offer halal meat. Sergent Farms has a stirling reputation. Every time I am in the area I buy chicken even though I have moved to Ottawa from Hamilton.

    • Bro. You may not know that Islamic Country Like Saudi Arabia are importing more than 50%of their meat & poltry needs from non muslim countries with the label of halal. and even their localy produced chicken are not hand slaughterd and its clearly mentioned on their picking. and all this chicken is being used during the Haj as well. So please don’t make Sargeant chicken or Maples lodge chicken controversial. Thanks.

  • @Ali The Jewish faith has a list of rules when it comes to Kosher.
    Based on your name I assume you are Muslim? how do you not know that Halal is the upbringing of the animal to the humane slaughtering of it.
    If an animal is mistreated as most are in North American farms, brutally slaughtered as most are in North American farms the animal becomes prohibited whether it’s an all Muslim staff or not, the meat we all eat is not halal, it’s Khanseer (look up the root word for Khanseer and you will be amazed). Make sure the farm is humane, free range, hormone free, fed proper whole grains, and the animals are cherished and taken care of as decreed by God, slaughtered in a manner that it’s swift enough for the animal to not see it coming and the other animals not to witness their peer getting slaughtered, otherwise my friend go vegetarian it’s healthier and safer.
    God Bless

  • Muhammad Sohail Manzoor on September 20, 2017

    Whats the price of 5kg boneless breast

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