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Nutrimin multivitamin gummies

One of the great things about starting out as a blogger is getting asked to try out new products that come on the market. It’s no surprise that I love gummy candy and if you follow me on social media, you know I have a weakness for chewy sweets.

I received a package from Nutrimin a month ago containing both  children’s and adult multivitamins to test out for a few weeks. Nutrimin multivitamin gummies for adults? Yes please!

Both of my children are not too fussy with their vitamins so I was skeptical to be very honest. Plus I’ve also heard that it’s not recommended for children to feel like their eating “candy” as something beneficial for their health.

I went into the review with some doubts. We’ve sampled other brands of gummy vitamins that were made with a vegan formula so I feel that I’ll be able to look at these objectively using our past experience as a comparative.

Nutrimin multivitamin gummies

Size and colouring seem very similar to other brands. The main visual difference is Nutrimin multivitamin gummies have a sugar coating. They are firmer and chewier than other gummy vitamins we’ve tried. The taste is also very pure – they do not use artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours and they are made in Canada.

I happened to have a few brands of gummy vitamins on hand so I let my children decide which one they want to take — they always asked for the ones in the Nutrimin bottle. Both my husband and I would also choose them over the other brands because they tasted better.

Their multivitamin gummies were developed for children who have issues eating vitamins unless it tastes good and are not meant to replace good eating habits. Also,  you actually are only supposed to derive 15%-20% of your vitamins from supplements, and the rest must come from your food unless you are specifically deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral such as iron, magnesium, or Vitamin D in which you need to consult a doctor. So these are truly for people (young and old) who just need a little daily boost in their lives.

What I really loved, and I’m sure all parents with memory issues like myself will appreciate — the children reminded me to get them their vitamins each morning. Even though they like their hard chewable vitamins and have never have any issue taking them, I still always have to make sure they each take one before heading out the door for the day. So this is a welcome improvement from what I’m used to as well.

Price point is at par with competitors at $19.99 per bottle. You can subscribe online and you’ll get auto shipped each month as well. Each bottle has 60 pieces or about a month supply. Their product is Canadian made and certified halal by the Canadian Council of Imams.

I’m really happy to see quality halal products from Canada, it’s exactly what our community needs to support. Some additional products in the pipeline that will be launching in the coming months inshaAllah:

  • Immuno Boost Canadian Ginseng
  • Iron 45mg
  • SLIM VIT Natural Weight Loss
  • 100% Pure Organic Flaxseed Oil Vegan Omega 3 (Liquid)
  • Vitamin C gummies
  • Vitamin D + Calcium Gummies and Tablets

Check out Nutrimin multivitamin gummies for adults for yourself — if you order online enjoy 10% off using the code “HF10” with free shipping until August 12th.


By: July 25, 2015

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