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Tandoori Oven

This year’s Halal Food Festival showcased some new and exciting products for Toronto Muslims. One product is Tandoori Lasagna from Tandoori Oven. I know what you’re thinking… why mess with a great thing? I was apprehensive to try it out but co-owner Asim Qureshi insisted that I wouldn’t be disappointed. And I wasn’t, I was left pleasantly surprised.

It was the same comforting lasagna with all the flavours that my own mother would add-in for our South Asian palate. But it’s not overpowering by any means. The flavours balance really well and much of the traditional lasagna taste is maintained. I would call this an enhancement of flavour over straight out fusion.

I was excited to receive trial product from Tandoori Oven later on to try out with my family. This would be perfect for when I’m in a bind and need to prepare something quickly, which has been happening a lot lately. With the arrival of baby number three, opportunities to dine out are rare and cooking everyday has also been challenging. I find myself either batch cooking and freezing portions to use later on, or looking out for time-savers like ready-made meals I can purchase at the grocery store and prepare quickly at home at home when I need a quick solution.

Tandoori Oven

The day I needed a quick fix came pretty fast — so I reached for my box of Tandoori Oven Tandoori Lasagna. There are two methods to prepare: microwave and conventional oven. I opted to bake our meal. Tandoori Oven’s Tandoori Lasagna comes in a microwave and oven safe tray so it literally goes right into the oven (from its frozen state).

Tandoori Oven

The whole family enjoyed the lasagna. My only issue is that the size is small for my young family. We finished the entire tray with 2 adults and two small children. I’d love to see this in a larger size to accommodate our community who tend to have more people per household. Plus, I’m big on having leftovers for lunches the following day.

You can find Tandoori Lasagna and other Tandoori Oven products at Longo’s, FreshCo and Adonis in Ontario.

Meat Source: Tandoori Oven products source their beef from Ryding Regency Meat Packers and chicken from Cericola Farms (hand slaughtered halal). ** NOTE: meat was checked (verbal assurance) at time of review and can change at anytime – please check meat sources before eating and let us know if there are any discrepancies **

Although this post is sponsored by Tandoori Oven, the experience is our own. We only write about products that we truly like. If we don’t like a product, we decline sponsorship.

By: December 24, 2016


  • We’ve had this several times now. My family loves it! The spices are there but not overpowering or hot.

  • im sorry but cericola is by no means 100% halal by hand they cannot be trusted. they recently got fined for labelling their meat organic when it wasn’t(I believe the article was in Toronto Star)

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