Daddy’s Halal Ribs

I’m really supportive of halal convenience foods. I think with today’s busy (and savvy) Muslim consumer, it makes sense and more so if made fresh using premium ingredients like the product I’m reviewing here.

When I discovered Daddy’s Halal Ribs, ready to cook Miami style-cut beef ribs, I knew I had found a wonderful product that can be enjoyed year round.

Daddy’s Halal Ribs are exceptionally seasoned, fresh and easy to cook on an outside grill or in the oven during colder months.

These ribs are not for the faint of tongue – they have a nice kick to them – so buyer beware, you WILL be addicted! Once cooked, the meat melts in your mouth and is not chewy or tough as I’ve experienced in the past at restaurants. When cooking you’ll want to preheat to high and cook fairly quickly, one to two minutes each side tops to lock in the moisture. Ribs are pretty fatty so you’ll need to watch out for flaming/flares on a BBQ.

There are two convenient locations for pick-up: central Toronto or North of Toronto in Markham.

The company is new but they have a fan page on Facebook that you can ‘like’ to get their updates and special offers.

When speaking with Daddy’s Halal Ribs owner, Sister Fatema, I was stunned to learn that she started this venture as a small home based business and thrives on word of mouth as her main marketing tactic… The ribs are THAT good!

Sister Fatema invites you to give her a call and place your first order at (416) 841-2803.

By: December 19, 2011

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