Halal deli products at East Meats West

East Meats WestFresh, gourmet and Canadian! My search for proper halal deli style sandwich meats is over! I was surprised to also learn that the meat is slaughtered, prepared and packaged in Ontario… So the local factor was definitely a wow one!

Walking into the modest unit located in Mississauga Ontario, my family and I were pleasantly greeted by a sweet young little girl who was at the cash register. East Meats West is a hardworking family run establishment.

The front end is small but you get right to the point with a row of stand up freezers that houses most, if not all the East Meats West assortment.

Jalapeño chicken breast, spicy breakfast beef sausage, stuffed chicken breast, chicken wings, kabobs and more. I was sold. One or two of almost every variety was placed in my shopping basket. I wanted to try it all, pick my favourites and return in the near future to get a larger stock to keep in my freezer (Mississauga is pretty far for me). Please call ahead for product selection or visit their website.

The owner immediately came out to greet us and gave a quick rundown of his company, made some recommendations and really made a great and lasting impression.

A smart idea for them in the future would be to create a healthier line of meats with fewer preservatives and sodium the way the non-halal products now have. As North Americans are becoming more health conscious, it would be good to have this as an option for the Muslim consumer as well.

So which ones are my favourite? So far everything I’ve tasted is yum and because all the flavours are so distinctive I will probably continue to buy a few of each for my family to enjoy on a regular basis.

Click here to visit East Meats West!

By: October 1, 2011

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