Cluck Clucks Chicken and Waffles Esplanade

Cluck Clucks Chicken and Waffles Esplanade

Cluck Clucks Chicken and Waffles Esplanade
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Growing up watching shows like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (which makes me nauseous, by the way) on Food Network Canada, we have always dreamed of trying chicken and waffles. We loved fried chicken and we love waffles, so naturally, we have always been inclined to taste this concoction and the TV shows make it seem like a match made in heaven. The problem was that there were really no halal chicken and waffles options in the GTA, until now. Enter Cluck Clucks Chicken and Waffles and lo and behold we were set to make our dream into a reality.

Cluck Clucks Chicken and Waffles Esplanade

Raza told us that the eatery has been doing quite well just by word of mouth. He stressed the importance of hand-slaughtered halal meat and serves only that at his new restaurant. The restaurant is hip with pops of colour and hand-painted funky art. It clean, modern and has a minimalist approach. We loved the simple menu that offers just a handful of dishes.

We tried the Holy Cluck combo and the Cluck Yeah. The waffles were freshly made and were uber fluffy.

Cluck Clucks Chicken and Waffles Esplanade

The Holy Cluck Sandwich had big pieces of fried chicken in between the waffles, which we got with the Cluck Sauce that had a sweet note to it. We got the potato wedges as the side, which we enjoyed thoroughly.

Cluck Clucks Chicken and Waffles Esplanade

The Cluck Yeah Sandwich had jalapeno and cheddar waffles with a boneless chicken breast, along with coleslaw, chipotle aioli and dill mayo. We found that both sandwiches were a bit dry so we had to constantly dip them in the sauce to enjoy it.

Cluck Clucks Chicken and Waffles Esplanade

Our favourite part was the dessert. We ordered the Clucking Little Waffles ($4.99). These were bite-sized waffles that were battered and deep fried and then coated in cinnamon and brown sugar, served with Nutella and maple syrup. This is definitely a dessert to be shared as the portion size was large. We loved the crispy waffles and the generous coating of the sugar and cinnamon. Don’t be shy to load up the waffles with Nutella and maple syrup and indulge.

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