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There’s no other meal more satisfying than brunch. It’s a late and lazy breakfast that’s full of indulgence, which is why it’s loved by so many. EGGSTATIC is a fusion between Middle Eastern and western brunch classics. One look at the menu, and you know the chef behind these dishes is nothing short of brilliant.

I heard about EGGSTATIC through Instagram and then met the chef and owner, Faaris, in person at Taste of the Middle East. I didn’t get a chance to try anything then, but promised I would make my way to his restaurant that same week.

I already knew I was in for something great — their online reviews speak for themselves. Faaris had mentioned that they’re always packed on the weekends. There’s usually a three to four hour wait to be seated. The best time to go, if you’re able to, is weekdays just after the lunch rush. Since EGGSTATIC serves only brunch, they close by four or five in the afternoon depending on the day of the week. Always call in advance for reservations because you never know.

If you’re not able to find street parking, there’s a Green P lot right at the corner of Bayview Ave and Millwood Rd, which is less than a three minute walk to the restaurant.


In the summer months they have a great little patio fully covered with some umbrellas. Inside, the place opens up and is quite spacious. You could easily fit a large group if you’re planning a special event. We were acknowledged right away by a really friendly server and she immediately brought us water and some menus.

Like I said earlier, the menu is amazing. You will need to come multiple times and try as many things as you can. We asked for their recommendations on something sweet and savoury. A few minutes later the chef came out to make his rounds and chat with his patrons. He explained a little bit about his venture, experience and how humbled he’s been at the positive response so far.


They also had a little kids menu with half portions. My two boys each had the Nutella Waffle.


The first dish that came out after that was the Biscoff Lotus Pancake. Three pancakes stacked up high surrounded with strawberries and bananas and topped with vanilla ice cream. The entire plate was dusted with ground lotus biscuit and finished with generous drizzling of rich, creamy peanut butter sauce.


Shortly after, we received our savoury dish, Californication Benedict. This was hands down the best brunch dish I’ve had — not just here, but anywhere. Poached eggs topped with Hollandaise sauce hid oven baked shrimps wrapped with beef bacon on a bed of guacamole. Each bite was an explosion of taste and texture. As a side, this dish was served with house salad, homestyle potatoes and fruits. I would come back just for this alone.

I really understand now why their restaurant is in all caps… it leaves you EGGSTATIC!

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