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Johnny Custard

Johnny Custard
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Johnny Custard is a UK franchise that has recently been brought to Canada. As the first North American location here in Toronto, Johnny Custard is already making waves with their delicious assortment of desserts and beverages.

Johnny Custard Scarborough

The interior is clean and vibrant with lots of seating and friendly staff. After being seated and looking through the menu, we knew we wanted a little of everything. The owner recommended the puddings, which are essentially the hallmark of Johnny Custard.

All their desserts are halal. Most people will question why desserts need a halal check, but there are many ingredients that have animal by-products that many people aren’t aware of. Gelatin is one common example. Most gelatin available in Canada is derived from pig. There are halal and vegetarian alternatives, but they’re hard to come by if you’re not actively seeking it out. Gelatin can also be hidden — it’s not as obvious as an ingredient in a lot of cases.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Back to the desserts at Johnny Custard! We ordered giant cookie dough served in a skillet with a side of soft serve, sticky toffee pudding, Ferrero Rocher and Nutella drizzled waffle and a cornflake tart.

Overall, we loved everything. The Cornflake was a hit and miss for us. It was interesting to try, and we did enjoy it, but I personally loved my waffle more.

Johnny Custard

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Johnny Custard


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